“I want to try to express my gratitude for the care and love you gave to my Mother the last year of her life. Lou Gehrig’s disease is an appalling way to die, but you helped make our situation bearable. Your experience and skill coupled with your patience, faith and unending optimism gave us the strength we needed every day. When Mom was anxious, you made her smile, when she was confused you calmed her, and when she was in pain you comforted her. The extra time and effort you spent with my Mother was proof that your work with her was much more than a job. I’m so glad we found Beverly’s Angels!”

Love always,

Lynn W.

“Beverly’s Angels has been great to work with. The caregivers who have stayed with my aging mother have been very helpful to her. They have been on time each and everyday. I do not have to worry that my mother will be alone and no one showing up during the day to sit with her, assist her in walking exercises and to cook a noon meal for her. If our regular caregiver cannot be there on a certain day, she will inform Beverly’s Angels office and they will have someone else come and stay with my mother. This means a lot to me since I still work full time. If not for your company, I would have had to put my mother in a nursing home. I feel that she has lived longer because she has been able to stay at home in familiar surroundings.”


Sallie E.

“My husband Sam has Alzheimer’s disease along with several other medical problems. He needs help with all daily activities. Not wanting to put him in a nursing home but knowing I couldn’t take care of him by myself I chose to hire a caregiver through Beverly’s Angels. They were so nice and understanding when I told them about my situation. I was well informed that all of their employees were given TB Skin tests, background checks and were fully insured. They have home health aides and certified nurse assistants with flexible hours. They help with Sam’s daily activities, showering, dressing, fixing meals, feeding and medication reminders. They not only help with Sam but also do light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping and help me get Sam to the Doctor. They are also great companions to me and help me get through the day. I truly believe that Beverly’s Angels is a trustworthy, friendly and loyal agency.”


Mary P.

“Beverly and Steve thanks from all of us for your services and kindness. You should be proud of your very fine staff. We thought a lot of all of them. We appreciate all that you did to help Mother with Dad.”


The G. Family

“Pam is an extraordinary person, a “take hold” individual. Through Beverly’s Angels services she took care of my wife as she recovered from major surgery but she really watched over both of us. As my wife was recovering at home, she suffered a severe heart attack at night. Pam called 911and our sons and daughters. While they rushed my wife to the Hospital, Pam drove me to the emergency room. That night she was a real “Life Saver”. We are indebted to her for all she did for our family. We highly recommend Beverly’s Angels and their very caring people to anyone who needs this type of attention”


Charlie W.